• Masters Thesis by Masaki Miyake entitled: Tourism and the Local Business Community in Small Cities and Towns: A Qualitative Study of the Blackstone Valley, Rhode Island  PDF | Word

  • Business Enterprises for Sustainable Tourism Education Network - Think Tank VI: “Corporate Social Responsibility for Sustainable Tourism” -- University of Girona, Spain 2006 “Stakeholder Involvement, Culture and Accountability in the Blackstone Valley: A Work in Progress” Download Word Format | Download PDF Format

  • Federal Investment Attracts Private Investment in Industrial Historic Sites This Research Note discusses why people are returning to the Blackstone Valley, America’s industrial birthplace. PDF  Version

  • Abstract: Establishment of the Rhode Island Sustainable Tourism Project (RISTP) August 4, 2005  More

  • The Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor – Past, Present, and Future. January 15, 2005  More