About the Council

Current Projects

Among the current annual or ongoing projects, events and services developed or conducted  by the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council are the following.

Annual or Ongoing Events

Planning and Development Projects

Education, Information, Promotion

  • Visitor Center Management: Manages the Pawtucket and Lincoln Visitor Centers including developing and administering several events in Pawtucket.

  • Distribution Network: Distributes brochures and other information to several visitor and other sites throughout Rhode Island

  • Riverclassroom: River education for students aboard the Explorer Riverboat

  • Sustainable Tourism Lab: Promotes sustainable tourism throughout the world through workshops and other activities, in addition to offering consulting services to planning and government agencies.

  • Educational Tourism Programs: Offers a number of education programs for students to learn about tourism.

  • Networking Workshops: Workshops bring together individuals from different segments of the community to network and receive training and educational information.

  • Tourblackstone.com: Promotes attractions, events, resource and other information in Rhode Island's Blackstone Valley.

  • Eventblackstone.com: Online calendar of events located in Rhode Island's Blackstone Valley

  • Paddleblackstone.com: Promotes canoeing and kayaking on the Blackstone River.

  • Detours:  Maps depicting various tours and attractions.

  • Blackstone Alert: Provides flooding and other disaster information in Rhode Island's Blackstone Valley.

Our timeline shows projects developed and managed since our beginning in 1985.