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Board of Director Minutes


Blackstone Valley Tourism Council, Inc.
Board of Directors Meeting
April 13, 2012
Tourism Council Conference Room
175 Main St.
Pawtucket, RI

Roll Call

David Balfour, Chair
Barry Mechanic, Vice Chair
Moe Rondeau, Member
Paul Eno, Member
Keith Fayan, Member
Debra Fournier, Member

Louis Yip, Member
Sue Tessier MacKenzie, Secretary
Jacqueline Boudreau, Treasurer
Judy Fischbach, Member
Robert Conway, Member
Anthony Capuano, Member
Mark Brodeur, Member
Helen Moroney, Member
Ted Garille, Member
John Gregory, Member
Richard Murphy, Member
Dave Richards, Member

Also Attending:
Robert Billington, President
Natalie Carter, Director of Operations

2. The meeting was called to order at 12:15 pm with a quorum present.

3. Minutes

On a MOTION by Moe Rondeau, seconded by Deb Fournier, the Minutes of the December 22, 2011 meeting were approved as submitted except that a meeting date was to be included in the Minutes and it was to be noted that the meeting began at 11.11am due to the Holiday Party that followed the meeting at 12pm.

4. Treasurerís Report

There was a MOTION by Moe Rondeau and seconded by Paul Eno to approve the Financial Reports dated 02/09/12 were approved as submitted. The Motion carried unanimously.

5. Presidentís Report

Robert Billington updated the Board on the following projects and programs:

The Rhode Island Cherry Blossom Festival
Updated on Cherry Blossom Princess and ribbon cutting for the park on May 19, 2012
The William Wheat Chocolate Factory Project
Updated on Fund Raising efforts to date
Visitor Center Closure in Pawtucket
Explained the efforts on why the Center is closed and what is being done about it
Visitor Center loss of Dunkin Donuts at Lincoln VC
Explained how the Tourism Council is helping RIDEM seek out a tenant
Status of the RI Music Hall of Fame
Explained that the Hall is opening on Feb 26, 2012
RI Tourism Legislation
Explained that Senator Paiva Weed is seeking to eliminate the tourism tax that affects the E/V Blackstone Valley Explorer
E/V Blackstone Valley Explorer
Explained that the maintenance on the Explorer is underway for a Spring 2012 launch

Billington pushed off financial reports for the Annual Dinner and the Polar Express until next meeting.

6. Continuing Business

Billington apprised the Board that Dr. Pat Conley has sold the M/V Hope that will return $25,000 to Water Cruises of RI LLC which is owned by the BVTC and Conway Tours.
They reviewed the agreement drafted and acknowledged the arrangement as fair to all concerned. Billington noted the funds were going to be used to pay down the debt owed on the loan to construct the vessels.

7. New Business

Keith Fayan agreed to draft a Conflict of Interest Statement for the Board to review at the next meeting.

On a MOTION by Mr. Eno and by seconded by Mr. Rondeau, the meeting adjourned at 1:20pm

Respectfully submitted,

Robert D. Billington, Ed. D.


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