Council Business

Board of Director Minutes

Blackstone Valley Tourism Council, Inc. Board of Directors Meeting
August 12, 2009 In the Council Conference Room

1. Roll Call


Dave Balfour, Chair
Helen Moroney, Member
Len Clingham, Member
Jackie Boudreau, Treasurer
Dave Richards, Member
Ted Garille, Member
Moe Rondeau, Member
Barry Mechanic, Member
Richard Murphy, Member


Louise Boulanger, Vice Chair
Sue Tessier Mackenzie, Secretary
John Lefrancois, Member
Louis Yip, Member
Najwa Murphy, Member
Robert Conway, Member
Anthony Capuano, Member
Mark Brodeau, Member
Paul Eno, Member
Also Attending:
Robert Billington, President
Natalie Carter, Director of Operations

2. The meeting was called to order at 12:08 pm with a quorum present.

3. Minutes

On a MOTION by Moe Rondeau, seconded by Dave Richards, the Minutes of the June 3, 2009 meeting were approved as presented. Dave Richards noted a spelling error in his name in the Minutes that will be corrected for the files.

4. Treasurerís Report

Jackie Boudreau dispensed with the Financial Reports presented dated 08/11/09. Ms Boudreau noted that the reports appeared in order and recommended the reports be accepted as submitted.

With a MOTION by Mrs. Moroney and seconded by Mr. Clingham, the Financial Reports dated 08/11/09 for the Tourism Council were accepted as submitted

5. Presidentís Report and Old Business

Mr. Billington introduced and updated the Board on the following projects and programs
RIDOT Enhancement Proposal ďA Fresh BeginningĒ
New Tour program for Day Tours: In you Own Backyard
The Polar Express negotiations with Rail Events
The Weekly Secret Ingredient Food Tours
The Lincoln May 2010 train tour
The Fall train tour to Putnam Connecticut
The Dragon Boat Festival
A car donation from Tom Ward
The Annual Meeting 2009
East Providenceís potential to join the Blackstone Valley tourism development efforts
The RIPBS Advertising program we are purchasing for the JHCBRVNHCC
Our participation in Rhode Trips with RI Monthly
The Call/Times Guest Editorials on the Blackstone Valley
The Sustainable Tourism Labís participation at ESTO 2009
The Sustainable Tourism Labís participation at the Carmel Indiana Tourism Conference
The September 22nd, River Userís Conference
The Safety conversations being discussed with the Cumberland Police and the Valley Falls Fire Department
The Blackstone Valley Tourism Team summer program with Family Resources in Woonsocket
The Woonsocket River Landing update
The William Blackstone Society new inductees Donna Houle and Gary Furtado.

6. New Business

Billington asked the Board if they wanted to take a position on the expansion of the T.F. Green Airport? The Providence Warwick CVB took a position at a recent meeting and their President requested BVTC consider taking a position. The Board respectfully requested by unanimous consent not to take a position on T.F. Green Airport Expansion at this time.

Moe Rondeau suggested Billington speak with the Cumberland Lincoln Boys and Girls Club to participate in the Rubber Ducky Race. It may be a way to raise funds for the Council and for the Club.
Balfour suggested we reformat the William Blackstone Society induction ceremony to be more respectful to the Societyís mission and membership.

7. Adjournment

There being no further business before the Board, the Board adjourned at 1:12 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Robert D. Billington

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