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Board of Director Minutes

Blackstone Valley Tourism Council, Inc. Board of Directors Meeting
January 19, 2007 @ Noon, In the Council Conference Room

1. Roll Call


Dave Balfour, Chairman
Sam Butera, Vice-Chairman
Dave Richards, Member
Louise Champigny, Member
Sue Tessier-Mackenzie, Secretary
Robert Billington, President
Natalie Carter, Director of Operations
Len Clingham, Member
Paul Eno, Member


Dan O’Brien, Treasurer
Robert Conway, Member
Anthony Capuano, Member
Marcia Green, Member
Dave Petrillo, Member
John Lefrancois, Member
Helen Moroney, Member
Louis Yip
Richard Murphy
Robert Cahill
Don Marshall

2. Minutes

On a MOTION by Mr. Butera, seconded by Sue Tessier-Mackenzie, the Minutes of the Nov 17th 2006 meeting were approved as submitted. Unanimously approved. (Copies attached)

3. Treasurer’s Report

The Profit and Loss statement dated Jan 18, 2007 for BVTC for the period from January, 2006 through Dec 2006 for the boats owned by the Council, and the Financial Reports for the 2006 Polar Express, the 2006 Fall Foliage Train Trip, and the 2006 Annual Meeting were submitted. The Room Tax Revenue Report, generated from Blackstone Valley hotels and motels through November 2006 was submitted. (Reports are attached and made a part of these minutes).

4. President’s Report and Old Business

Mr. Billington updated the Board on the following:

a. Annual Work Plan - 2007
The Tourism Council Work Plan for 2007 was inserted in the Board Packages. (No comments)

b. Boat Operations - Explorer
The boat operations lost approximately $30,000 in 2005 and approximately $70,000 in 2006. Since the Council has been operating the Explorer (13 years), expenses to operate are increasing yearly due mostly to insurance, maintenance and crane operational costs that have risen dramatically in the last few years. Billington suggested possibly selling the Explorer to a local organization that would operate the boat in the Blackstone Valley.

c. Boat Operations - Spirit of the Blackstone Valley
Explained why the Spirit of the Blackstone Valley should also be sold. He stated that the value of the boat is approximately $6,000. Mr. Clingham requested that information on the vessel be sent to him and suggested that a story be written about the successes of the Blackstone Valley Explorer and that even with its success, it is time the Council sell the boat and remove itself from the tour boat business.

d. Land Offer - Cumberland
The Board reviewed the offer of Dr. Patrick Connelly and his wife to grant land in Cumberland (gratis), to the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council and although it is a nice offer, it is the Board of Director's determination that they not accept this donation at this time.
On a MOTION was made by Mr. Clingham and seconded by Mr. Eno to decline the land offer at this time. Roll Call: All attending members voted in favor of the motion with Mr. Richards voting against the motion. Motion carried.

e. Watershed Council
Ms. Carter explained that funds for the Blackstone Valley Watershed Council were still in the Council’s possession due to the fact that BVTC began the Council 1997. The Watershed Council has formed a seperate non-profit corporation from the Tourism Council and formal request has been made by the Rhode Island Rivers Council that these funds be turned over to the Watershed Council because they are a bonified agency able to manage the funds themselves.
A MOTION was made by Mr. Eno, and seconded by Ms. Tessier-Mackenzie to turn over the funds to the Watershed Council as soon as position. Motion passed unanimously.

f. Fall Foliage Tour - 2007
Mr. Billington explained that the Council would not be able to host the Fall Foliage trip unless the Council is able to obtain a $5,000 subsidy. He added that he was in the process of exploring a subsidy.

5. New Business

a. Book entitled “Cumberland by the Blackstone”
Mr. Richards offered to provide complimentary advertisements on his radio station WOON, for the book since BVTC earns $5.00 for each book sale.

b. Meeting Schedule - 2007
Mr. Balfour polled the Board to establish a set meeting schedule for 2007. The Board agreed to continue to meet every two months on the third Friday of the month. All attending members agreed. (A schedule is attached to these Minutes).

c. Board Contact
Mr. Balfour requested that a week prior to the meeting a phone call or email be sent to each Board member reminding them of the meeting. All attending members agreed.

d. New Board Member
Mr. Balfour stated that he would like to request the Board to consider asking Mr. Ted Garille of Burrillville to join the Board of Directors of the Tourism Council. Mr. Balfour also noted that Mr. Garille is the chair of the Pascoag Water Authority. All attending members agreed.

6. Adjournment

There being no further business before the board, the board adjourned at 1:25 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Sue Tessier-Mackenzie
Recording Secretary

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