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The mission of the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council is to create positive change with regard to community values by developing and promoting coordinated, responsible and sustainable tourism in Rhode Islandís Blackstone Valley communities.

As a Board Member, I understand the expectations for contributing my time, talent and treasure for service on the Council Board. These expectations include:

  • Being faithful to our mission.

  • Serving without compensation.

  • In my decision-making, demonstrating un-conflicted loyalty to organizational interests

  • Coming to meetings prepared and knowledgeable about the issues to be discussed and ready to engage in thoughtful dialogue.

  • Asking questions about issues I donít understand and understanding the implications of all items on which I am asked to deliberate and vote.

  • Avoiding or disclosing any conflict of interest, in particular:

a) Annually disclosing any interest I may have in organizations, vendors, or any other associations that currently do business or may do business with the Council
b) Not using information exclusive to the Council for my personal gain or the gain of a family member or associate.
c) Immediately disclosing to the Board any new impending conflicts of interest.
d) Recusing myself without comment from both the deliberation and final decision-making on any matters on which I have a conflict of interest.

  • Honoring the confidentiality of sensitive issues and discussions.

  • Attending every regularly scheduled meeting, understanding that missing three or more regularly scheduled meetings without a reasonable excuse will result in my dismissal from the Board.

  • Advocating for the Council in our community, enhancing its work through my personal and professional connections, and identifying and cultivating relationships with current and potential volunteers, donors and other supporters.

  • Actively serving on [committee, task force, as officer or special project]

  •  ___[commitments specific to the individual]_______________ .

  • Making a personal financial contribution each year within my financial means.

I have received and read a copy of these expectations, the bylaws, code of ethics, conflict of interest statement and accept a term of service on the Council Board. My term begins ___________________________ and ends _________________________.




Board Description | Board Acceptance | Governance Committee Job Description