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The Board of Directors governs the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council, providing leadership, vision, stewardship and legal oversight. The Board ensures that the Council has a measurable impact on the betterment of our community in accordance with the mission, responds to changing community needs, and has the resources necessary to achieve this impact. The Board serves as principal fiduciary and wise steward of Council resources, creates guiding goals and policies, maintains the highest ethical standards and models the organizational values of the Council.

The Board is responsible for its own excellence in governance in pursuit of our mission. We can only fulfill our duties through the commitment, participation and good faith of every member.

I. The legal duties of the Board include:

The Duty of Care requires trustees to be reasonably informed, participate in decision-making, act in good faith, and with the care of a prudent person in similar circumstances.

Board members are expected to fulfill this duty by:

  • Attending required board meetings, adequately prepared

  • Using independent judgment in decision making, having obtained sufficient information to be well-informed about issues under discussion and before voting.

  • Speaking up and sharing your knowledge and concerns about Council matters

  • Reviewing and approving the annual budget to ensure it reflects organizational priorities

  • Reviewing the financial condition and policies and otherwise acting to ensure our short and long-term financial health

  • Ensuring the accuracy of all public financial statements, e.g. annual audit and 990

The Duty of Loyalty requires trustees to act in the best interest of their organization and not in their own interests or those of another, and to place the interests of their organization before their own personal and professional interests.

Board members are expected to fulfill this duty by:

  • Evaluating all decisions as they meet the best interests of the Council

  • Observing all conflict of interest policies

  • Maintaining the confidentiality of Board deliberations and protecting the confidentiality of proprietary information

  • Refraining from the use of the property or intellectual capital of the Council for personal gain or benefit

  • Complying with all regulatory and reporting requirements

  • Examining and understanding all governing documents, such as the bylaws

  • Acting in accordance with the mission, governing documents, strategic plan and board approved policies

II. To achieve excellent governance and community leadership, other obligations of Board Members include:

  • Making an individually appropriate contribution (financial) each fiscal year

  • Serving on a Board committee, task force, special project or as an officer

  • Supporting efforts to raise resources

  • Supporting activities to increase community awareness

  • Attending board meetings, annual retreat and other events

  • Assisting in identifying candidates for the Board

  • Partnering with the Executive Director to advance the strategic objectives of the Council

  • Observing the boundaries of board member roles, specifically:

    • Refraining from directing staff outside of board meetings or board-designated committee meetings

    • Otherwise acting only as an advisor or volunteer to support staff efforts

  • Contributing to the collegiality of the Board/Staff team

  • Actively promoting the Council within your sphere of influence

  • Promoting the Council among government and elected officials


Board Description | Board Acceptance | Governance Committee Job Description