Board of Directors

Below is a list of Blackstone Valley Tourism Council's Board of Directors. To contact them, call our office at 401-724-2200, or send an email. You may also contact us to request information, volunteer, or provide financial support.

David Balfour, Chairman President, D. W. Balfour Associates
Barry Mechanic, Vice Chairman
Judy A. Fischbach, Treasurer Vice President, Controller Navigant Credit Union
Dave Richards, Secretary Owner, WOON Radio
Mark Brodeur, Ex-officio Director, RI Division of Tourism
Louis Yip President, Tai-O Associates
Debra Berardis Director of Sales, Hampton Inn & Suites Smithfield
Michael Gwynn Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Pawtucket Red Sox
Thomas Kravitz Planning Director, Town of North Smithfield
Joyce Hindle Koutsiogiane, Ed.D
Mike Zhang Director of International Admissions, Johnson & Wales University

Legal Duties

    The legal duties of the Board include:
    The Duty of Care requires trustees to be reasonably informed, participate in decision-making, act in good faith, and with the care of a prudent person in similar circumstances.
    Board members are expected to fulfill this duty by:

  1. Attending required board meetings, adequately prepared
  2. Using independent judgment in decision making, having obtained sufficient information to be well-informed about issues under discussion and before voting.
  3. Speaking up and sharing your knowledge and concerns about Council matters
  4. Reviewing and approving the annual budget to ensure it reflects organizational priorities
  5. Reviewing the financial condition and policies and otherwise acting to ensure our short and long-term financial health
  6. Ensuring the accuracy of all public financial statements, e.g. annual audit and 990

    The Duty of Loyalty requires trustees to act in the best interest of their organization and not in their own interests or those of another, and to place the interests of their organization before their own personal and professional interests.
    Board members are expected to fulfill this duty by:

  1. Evaluating all decisions as they meet the best interests of the Council
  2. Observing all conflict of interest policies
  3. Maintaining the confidentiality of Board deliberations and protecting the confidentiality of proprietary information
  4. Refraining from the use of the property or intellectual capital of the Council for personal gain or benefit
  5. Complying with all regulatory and reporting requirements