Awards & Recognition Presented

In addition to receiving a number of awards and recognition, the BVTC has presented a number of awards and recognition over the years.  Many of those are highlighted below:

William Blackstone Society Membership

1989 Leonard J. Panaggio, Director, RI Tourism Division, RIEDC *
1990 Patrick M. Malone, Ph.D., Professor, Brown University
1991 Luther H. Blount, Owner, Blount Marine *
1992 David Gulvin, President, Blackstone Valley Electric Company *
1993 Albert T. Klyberg, Executive Director, RI Historical Society *
1994 David Macaulay, Author, Illustrator
1995 Robert D. Billington, Ed. D., Executive Director, Blackstone Valley Tourism Council
1995 Louise Lind, Author *
1995 Clinton Johnson, Educator *
1996 Thomas J. Shanahan, Director, Central Falls Public Library
1997 Robert E. Metivier, Mayor, City of Pawtucket
1997 Carol A. Metivier, Community Volunteer
1997 Bernard G. Mondor, Owner, Pawtucket Red Sox *
1998 John Chan, Owner, Chan’s Fine Oriental Dining
1999 Michael D. Cassidy, Director, Pawtucket Planning and Redevelopment
2000 David W. Balfour, Author, Historian, DW Balfour Associates
2001 Dana M. Newbrook, Architect, A1 Design
2002 Elizabeth “Betty” Johnson, Historian, Betty Johnson Research Library *
2003 Wilfred L. Gates, Jr., Landscape Architect, Gates, Leighton and Associates
2004 Rose Lavoie, Preservationist *
2005 Tom Ward, Publisher, The Valley Breeze
2006 John Worsley, Musician, Educator, Community College of Rhode Island
2006 Joseph O’Donnell, Jr., Former Lt Governor of Rhode Island, Keough and Kirby Insurance *
2007 Peter Conway, Co-owner, Conway Bus Tours
2007 Robert Conway, Co-owner, Conway Bus Tours
2008 Helen Moroney, Owner, Echo Lake Campground *
2009 Donna Houle, Project Manager, Blackstone Valley Tourism Council
2009 Gary Furtado, President, Navigant Credit Union
2010 John Gregory, President, Northern RI Chamber of Commerce
2010 Rick Greenwood, RI Preservation and Heritage Commission *
2011 Kathy Hartley, President, Hearthside House
2011 Gene Peloquin, Educator, Community Volunteer
2012 Sunny Ng, Tai-o Corp.
2012 Louis Yip, Tai-o Corp.
2013 Michael Hebert, Historical Preservationist, Archeologist
2013 Daryl Sherman, Singer, Pianist
2014 Marcia Green, Editor, The Valley Breeze
2014 Raymond Bacon, Co-director, Museum of Work and Culture
2015 William Belisle, Jr., Hockey Coach, Mount St. Charles Academy
2015 David Belisle, Hockey Coach, Mount St. Charles Academy
2015 John Monaghan, Managing Editor, The Providence Journal
2016 Donald Leighton, Landscape Architect, BETA Group, Inc.
2017 Mike Tamburro, Vice-President, Pawtucket Red Sox
2017 Joyce Hindle-Koutsogiane, Ed.D., Educator, Author
2018 Morris Nathanson, Restaurant Designer, Artist, Morris Nathanson Design
2018 Denise Panichas, Executive Director, The Samaritans